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R&L chemical Inner Mongolia Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2002, Inner Mongolia Runlong bentonite Technology Co., Ltd. is located at the junction of Liaoning, Hebei and Inner Mongolia. It is a modern comprehensive enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of characteristic non-metallic minerals such as bentonite (bentonite cat sand, montmorillonite). The company has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and obtained the approval license number of feed montmorillonite in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region [Mengsi (2012) 862].

Common mission: to be a lasting enterprise platform for the comprehensive development and utilization of non-metallic resources, improve the efficient use of non mineral resources, and contribute to the development of national economy.

To provide customers with satisfactory products, customized products for different customers, provide customers with professional services, constantly improve product quality, and grow together with customers!
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    TEL:0476-4223911 / 0476-5808578
  • Headquarters: Erlong Siping Village, Xizi Town, Ningcheng County, Inner Mongolia
    Beijing Office: taifuzhuang Industrial Zone, Huangcun Town, Daxing District, Beijing